Fuel Mileage Tips
1.   Follow recommended maintenance. A well maintained vehicle operates at peak
efficiency improving performance, gas mileage, and drivability. Clogged  fuel            injectors, dirty air cleaners, or malfunctioning oxygen sensors can decrease mileage as much as 40%.
2.   Keep tires inflated. Under inflated tires take more energy to roll and they wear
out quickly. This can cost 3% at the pump.
3.   Don't haul unnecessary items in the cab or trunk. An extra 100 lbs can increase fuel consumption by 2%.
4.   Don't drive aggressively, you're not at Daytona. Smooth driving increases gas mileage and maximizes the life of brakes and tires. For each 5 mph over 65 mph your fuel efficiency decreases 7%.
5.   Use the highest gear possible. Low gears get the car moving, but, use more gas. Once the car is up to speed, use the highest gear to maintain it. Low gears use more gas so don't use the sport button. It keeps your car in lower gears longer.
6.   Use cruise control in flat areas. Hill or mountainous terrain cause the cruise control to over work your car and increase fuel consumption.
7.   Keep yourcar washed and waxed. A smooth car slices through the air with minimal drag and maximum fuel economy.
8.   When stopped for longer than a few minutes, turn off your car. You get zero mileage sitting still.
9.   When you are at highway speeds the air conditioner is more efficient than the drag the open windows cause on the car. Open the windows only when you are moving slowly.
10.  Plan your trips. Combine your errands and minimize miles traveled and gas used. We hope this helps!
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